The Most Relevant and Efficient Investment Banking House

  • Capstone Capital
    Capstone Capital Micro-Finance Support Services, Investment Banking, Wealth & Asset Management, Private Equity
  • Wealth & Asset Management
    Wealth & Asset Management With innovative methods, we aim to preserve and grow investments.
  • Micro-finance Support Services
    Micro-finance Support Services We seek to raise funds for the Bottom of the Economic Pyramid through Micro-finance and Savings and Loans institutions in Ghana and other West Africa countries.
  • Investment Banking
    Investment Banking act as financial advisers to corporate institutions
  • Private Equity
    Private Equity We partner with both local and foreign investors to provide funds to SMEs through equity participation…..

Capstone Capital

We provide relevant, efficient and world-class micro-finance support services, wealth and asset management, corporate finance & advisory and private equity solutions. Read

  • Micro-Finance Support Services
  • Investment Banking
  • Private Equity
  • Wealth & Asset Management


Operational Philosophy

Capstone’s operating philosophy is to make positive impact on the lives of its stakeholders by delivering world class quality services to our clients; hiring and retaining the best people all the time and delivering superior returns.

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