The Most Relevant and Efficient Investment Banking House


Capstone Capital Limited (“Capstone” ) was incorporated on June 8, 2010    under the Ghana Companies Code, 1963, (Act 179). 

Capstone was incorporated to engage in micro-finance support services, fund management, corporate finance, corporate advisory and management of private equity funds.

Capstone is licensed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Ghana as Investment Adviser.


To become the most relevant and efficient investment banking house that delivers superior value to its stakeholders through responsible wealth creation.


To provide relevant, efficient and world-class micro-finance support services, wealth and asset management, corporate finance & advisory and private equity solutions to clients with the goal of creating a lasting network of mutually trusted, valued and respected relationships.


Our Operational Philosophy

Capstone’s operating philosophy is to make positive impact on the lives of its stakeholders by delivering world class quality services to our clients; hiring and retaining the best people all the time and delivering superior returns.

To achieve this;
... we do not accept assignments unless we are convinced that the value to be created by our services will be far greater than the cost to our clients.

... Capstone focuses on diversification, strong corporate governance, alignment of interests, active portfolio management and down-side protection in its asset management operations.

... we execute our businesses with professionalism anchored on efficiency as we employ appropriate systems and processes to achieve a relatively outsized value for clients. 

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